Our Strengths

With over a decade of R&D, Huatai has developed devices and process technology, acquired core technology patents, and realized the localization of high-performance LDMOS using domestic CMOS manufacturing processes.

Professional Team
Huatai is equipped with a professional team for the development and mass production of RF power devices. Our team is proficient in device design, process development, power amplifier design, large-signal model development, monolithic microwave integrated circuit design, packaging design, reliability testing and mass production. Huatai has also built a strong project management and quality control processes in production management.

Innovative Core Technologies
Unlike common fabless IC design companies, Huatai is capable of developing in-house LDMOS device technology and own IP rights. Huatai can also perform custom development based on clients' special technical requirements. Many customers have managed to differentiate their products from competitors through Huatai's customized LDMOS transistors.

Our vision

Huatai aims to become the benchmark in the RF power semiconductor market and is committed to improving human communication with advanced RF power semiconductors.

Specializing In RF Power Devices
Huatai is dedicated to providing quality RF power products and technologies to customers. The RF power semiconductor market is competitive with a significant number of major industry players. It is vital to continue investing in core technologies to introduce new quality products and stay competitive.

Promoting Cooperation For Mutual Benefits
The RF power semiconductor industry involves highly specialized tasks. Huatai is committed to establishing close cooperation with supply chain partners to promote the robust growth of RF power semiconductor industry.

Keep Making Progress In Pursuit Of Excellence
Semiconductor and microwave RF are globally competitive sectors. As technology advances rapidly, we must keep forging ahead and pursue innovation to stand at the forefront of cutting-edge semiconductor and communication technologies. Huatai will continue to pursue excellence in technology and product quality.